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The amazing authors behind the dr who comic series are considering another series

Starting up again this up coming July, it’s been reported to us recently that Dr. Who will be returning to comic book stores. The popular TV series that has been brought back to the format twice now and also includes a movie originally started out as a classic comic book. Now they are bringing back more additions which is very exciting for comic book lovers. So they have actually slated in a 10th and 11th series back to back with their original publishing company Titan comic books.

The 11th dr has spawns from the creative genius of Bob William, Mr. Ewing and Mr Frazer. They all loved the good ole British version of the comic also known as 2000 ad. These guys have also been writing Jduge Dredd and other stuff. They said that it is just so cool to be given the privellage to work on something so important to English popular and mainstream culture as dr who.

Mr. Ewing is another talented artist with a good comic book cv. He has also been contirbuting to the avengers for the company marvel comics. In a recent interview he said that it is such a big deal to him to be able to work on something so big and important as the dr who series. He was saying this is because it has been reproduced so many times and during different generations. This means that both kids, parents and teenagers understand the significance of the story and the character. He was also quoted as saying that it is such an integral part of english folk lore and popualr culture that it will probably never go away now. It is just deeply entrenched in the culture.

Willams, one of the other creators involved said that his own kids are into it now. He said watching how excited they get and watching it with them shows him just how huge it is. He said that it brings him together with his kids is testament to the relational power of the series regardless of whether it is seen on TV or in comic format.

In our interview Ewing made the really interesting observation that the comic medium has a lot more flexibility and creative freedom built into it than the TV version. He said, for example, that they are going to introduce a new character soon that would be too tough to actually reproduce in the TV series giving the comic an extra bit of special touch to it. He also said that through the comic it is more acceptable and pheasible to make dr cowardly, courageous and to show a whole lot of sides to the character.

They are clear that they are trying to make the next series’ as special as any other with all of what you would expect of a who series. However, they have included new characters in an effort to make it unpredictable as well. They wanted it so it wasn’t just simply another ‘who’ series. They said that the readership will love the characters and not know whether they will come out of their adventures unscathed or not.

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Enjoy the annual 2014 day of comics with the greatest DC comics producers

Hey there, come down the free for all comics day 2014 this year. If you love your comics you get the chance to meet all of your favorite comics writers and artists on the day. Maybe even get your own picture drawn in comic style.

Okay okay even though it’s not publically recognized as a public holiday, for people who love there comics, the annual comics day is basically considered sacrosanct. Downing all tools and making time for the day is seen as absolutely crucial for people that love their comic books. In fact, some fanatics consider it to be more important and bigger an occasion than the likes of christmas, Eeaster and maybe even their own birthday! They wait all year enjoying and collecting their comics eagerly anticipating the annual event.

When ever comics day comes around, the shops that sell comics to people all over the world welcome many many comic lovers really wanting to see and get a hold of some free comic books and to check out the awesome events that take place in the various stalls they have running at the amazing event. The events themselves which can be a bit of a spectacle to say the least, are aimed at both seasoned and new followers and collectors alike.

There are simply a heap of different events that will show you various comic authors as well as the folks who actually draw the pictures in them too! These guys love it too. they will love you to go up to them and get one of your comics signed by them especially if they were the ones who actually wrote the darn thing. In addition to providing signatures at will, a lot of them enjoy doing sketches right there and then for their auiences and visitors that go there just to see them. They take that as a compliment and so they want to repay back the love by doing live sketches, autographs and such.

Maybe one of these signature and marque type events is right near to where you live right now? Go and visit this link here to view a map that you can interact with in order to locate exactly where all of the different events that make up the entire festival are located as well as the running times too. That way you will be able to plan it out and know where you prefer to go and at what times. It’s an interactive planner that has been designed to be easy to use so you can easily plan out your festival and make it really good and fun. It has been designed to really take the stresses out of making your plans as well.

In the interactive map you will also notice that there is various times at which there will be signing events put on by the artists. You’ll also notice that there are a variety of links to the store where it is to be held for you. It’s improtant to take down all of the details and ring up before you attend just to double check that nothing has been changed as this has been known to happen often depending on thiings outside of our control. Also keep in mind that sometimes you need to wear wrist bands at some of the events for security purposes. There may also be a preregistration process so make sure you can arrive in time to sort that stuff out too.