Raul is a platypus who’s right on the brink of being your average guy.  He has a little bit of trouble speaking to women, and he tends to have a problem with wanting revenge.  Raul works as a health inspector, so his trips to Big Sandy’s Diner are sometimes a little stressful.

Raul Runs A Health Inspection

Raul Gets Embarrassed On Twitter

Raul Obtains Super Powers


Dan is a loser.  A raccoon loser.  He is a good person, but he just can’t manage to get his life together.  He’s not good at his job, he faces constant rejection in his love life, and he gets made fun of pretty consistently by his friends.  He is an employee of Big Sandy’s Diner where he faces a lot of criticism and humiliation.

Dan Is Put In Charge Of Big Sandy’s

Dan Gets Fired

Dan Makes A Fashion Statement


Russell is a squirell who is what I like to call “subtlety challenged.”  He just doesn’t get the finer points of social interaction.  He’s arrogant about his technological prowess and he has very strong opinions that he doesn’t mind imposing on all of his friends.  Russell also works at Big Sandy’s and is the favorite employee there.

Some Early Russell Strips

Meet Russell’s Family


Julie is one sexy woodchuck.  She has an on-again-off-again romantic interest in Raul, but he’s too scared to capitalize.  She doesn’t put up with a lot of funny business, except when she’s indulging in her secret passion: clowning.  She can never let any of her friends know that she moonlights as a clown secretly at night, but she just can’t stop.

Julie’s Introduction

Julie Is A Closet Clown


Camille is a porcupine with a big heart and intimacy issues, she’s good friends with a certain Port Moody realtor.  She has problems getting close to people, mostly because of how sharp her quills are.  She’s prone to having crushes on different guys, it’s hard to have a relationship when it’s dangerous to snuggle with you.  She also has an irrational fear of poetry.

Camille and Raul Go On A Date

Camille’s Fear Of Poetry


Gerald is the embodiment of an awkward turtle moment… literally!  He loves all of his friends, but he can’t help making them feel uncomfortable.  Whether it’s through oddly shameless displays of affection or just opening his mouth at the wrong time, Gerald has trouble relating.

Gerald’s Introduction

Gerald Tries Out For The Ninja Turtles



OD is a robot dog that Russell built, mainly to help him technologically around the house.  OD has a great affection for Russell, but an antagonistic relationship with Raul and Dan.  He’s always connected to the internet, so he knows what’s up around the web, and often uses it against his friends.

OD’s First Appearance

A Week Of OD Strips

OD Goes Missing


Chet is one grumpy woodchuck, and part time Burnaby realtor.  He’s Julie’s brother and can’t stand the fact that she and Raul get along.  He picks on Raul as often as he can, and wants to sabotage any chance of a relationship that Raul and Julie have together.

Chet’s First Appearance

Big Sandy’s Mysterious Past

One Of Chet’s Hijinks


Big Sandy

Big Sandy Gilmore is an otter who owns a restaurant.  He’s had a routy and interesting past, but now he’s settled down and is on a mission to make his employee’s lives miserable, partly by making them listen to boring stories.  He also bought Raul, Dan, and Russell’s apartment building and is their landlord.

Big Sandy’s Management Style

Big Sandy Buys The Guys’ Building

About The Author

Matt Stout is a seminary student at Asbury Theological Seminary, but more importantly he is the cartoonist of Big Sandy Gilmore.  He lives with his wife and dog and is a busy fellow.  He’s got an impressive Star Wars collection!